All Hands on Deck

“All Hands on Deck” is a Navy term meaning everyone on the ship get on deck (top of the ship) something is going on that they need everyone there to work on it.  This is the situation today for loyal and patriotic Americans.   Conservatives have control of the White House, both the Senate and the House in congress and it looks like with another appointment to the Supreme Court by Donald Trump, they will control the courts.  If you believe in women’s rights, in the right to choose your significant other, if you believe that the wealthy should pay their fair share of taxes, if you believe that climate change is real and a very serious threat to the future of all humanity, if you believe that the flow of wealth to the top one percent is hurting America, if you believe that our country should be working with our allies and not be at odds with them, if you believe big banks need to be regulated so that a repeat of the 2008 recession will be prevented, if you believe that all children deserve a decent meal every day and a decent education, if you believe that children brought to America as youngsters should be provided a path to citizenship (DACA), if you believe that access to affordable health care is a basic human right and not a privilege for those who can afford it, if you believe that Social Security should be protected and strengthened for our senior citizens then you need to step up this fall and not just vote your beliefs but step forward and help the candidates who represent your beliefs get elected.  

More eligible voters failed to vote in 2016 than voted for either Hilary or Donald.   We need to register those eligible to vote and get those registered to the polls this fall.  The Democrats of Hemet - San Jacinto need as much participation from you this fall as your health will permit.  Please help us reclaim the America that was, compassionate, charitable and caring.   Please commit to doing your part starting now and continuing through Election Day. Another Naval term is to “Right the Ship.”  America’s ship is listing.  WE NEED YOU to help “Right the Ship.”€


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All that is essential for the triumph of evil is that
good men do nothing
Edmund Burke
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