Neighborhood Leaders

Neighborhood Leaders turned Orange County blue. It's a fun, effective and easy way to make a difference in your community, state and country. Join the program!

Club Members can learn how to recruit Neighborhood Leaders here.


  • Pick a date!

    Select an afternoon or evening when you can invite your neighbors to talk about the Neighborhood Leader program and how they can help turn Riverside blue. You can meet at a park, a coffee shop, your house or your backyard, wherever you feel most comfortable.

  • Join Action Network

    Join the RCDP's Neighborhood Leader Group on Action Network. Once you've done this a GOTV team member will create a signup-form for you so you can build your team.

Build Your Team

  • Get Ready

    • Make sure you have been provided a list of Democrats in your neighborhood. If you don't have a list, contact us.
    • Print out invitations with the event date, time, location and your name and contact information.
  • Canvass

    • Pick a weekend afternoon to canvass.
    • Make sure your Action Network sign-up form is up on your phone.
    • Make sure the California Online Voter Registration and Pre-registration link is up on your phone.
    • Bring a paper sign-up sheet as backup.
    • Bring a friend! Male/Female teams are most effective.
    • Be sensible & safe: wear comfortable shoes, use sunscreen, bring water and snacks and trust your instincts -- don't go to any door or engage with anyone who makes you uncomfortable.
    • Read all of our canvassing tips.
  • The Big Day

    • Before your event go to Action Network and use the available template to email a reminder to all of the attendees.
    • Ask everyone at the event to tell the group a little about themselves and why they're there.
    • Ask if anyone has skills that might be useful like social media expertise, language or technical skills.
    • Ask everyone to commit to an action. Ask for volunteers who will:
      • Host the next team meeting.
      • Canvass in your neighborhood on a specific date to grow the team.

Get Out The Vote

Once you have activated the Democrats in your neighborhood your job gets easier. Your main job now will be to stay in touch with your team. Try to meet monthly if you can.

You will receive guidance and requests from the RCDP GOTV Team. We may ask your team to canvass, text, email and post on social media to support:

  • Endorsed candidates
  • Upcoming legislation
  • Get out the vote efforts close to election day.

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