From the Democrats of Hemet - San Jacinto

We have been noticing an increased interest in next year’s coming election.  There seems to be an increased interested in the politics, both local, state and national that determines the kind of country that we will be leaving to our heirs, that determines the quality of our education of our children, that determines the access we have to quality health care, the kind of climate we will be leaving our descendants, the quality of our lives.  One of the services our club offers is voter registration.  We believe that everyone who is eligible should vote regardless of race, ethnicity, age, orientation or politics so we help register all who ask.  We have been extra busy lately.  So if you want to verify your current registration, change your address, change your party affiliation or register in California for the first time, stop by our office at 530 ½ East Florida Ave in Hemet between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm on Tuesday through Thursday. 

It is not only through registration that we notice the increased interest in all things political.  A delightful man of 92 years stopped by our office a few days ago and wanted help in contributing to Joe Biden.  Of course we provided the help. 

A couple of years ago when the future of our Hemet Fire Department was being determined we jumped into the campaign to keep our fire department under local control.  We have members who are active with our local school districts and local politics.  If you would like to learn about issues whether local or national, to engage in a friendly discussion of issues of interest to you or just make some new friends, please stop by. 

Dick Gale
President of the Democrats of Hemet – San Jacinto