Depending upon the context, one can be negative or positive.  To finish number one means you have won, have finished first.  One moment in time usually means something very special occurred.  The phrase “One small step for man, one giant step for mankind” was made famous by Neil Armstrong when he stepped on the moon.  One is the loneliest number implies loneliness. 

The pledge of allegiance contains the phrase “one nation under God” and symbolizes the unity of the states.  That unity is mentioned in the preamble to our Constitution “In order to form a more perfect union……..”

Individuals are sometimes referred to as “One of a kind” and often means that person has a unique way of doing things.  Sometimes that is a compliment.  I would call Greta Thunberg “one of a kind” and very much mean that as a compliment.  She has been chosen as “Person of the Year” by Time Magazine.  Time started choosing “? of the year” in 1927.  They have not always chosen one person.  In 2003 they chose “The American Soldier”.  In 2002 they chose “The Whistleblowers”.  Occasionally they have chosen more than one specific person and once they chose the “Computer”.  The choice is about the most significant newsmaker of the year.  Sometimes the choice is for news about positive contributions such as Pope Francis or Barack Obama.  The choice is not always about positive newsworthiness.  Joseph Stalin was chosen.  Endangered Earth was chosen.  Donald Trump was chosen.

Greta Thunberg is only 16 years old but has made a significant contribution to highlighting the impending tragedy of global warming.  About global warming she has said "We need a balance of optimism and outrage"   "We need optimism to keep going and to not give up ... and we need outrage to be able to step outside our comfort zones."

I think what we need is more young people like Greta Thunberg.  Young people who will challenge us about critical issues like climate change, like discrimination, intolerance and prejudice.  I’m not confident that the world is in good hands now but with more youth like Ms. Thunberg our future could be bright.  I hope that Greta Thunberg does not remain “One of a kind” but becomes “One of many”.

Dick Gale
President of the Democrats of Hemet – San Jacinto


Greta Thunberg

From the Democrats of Hemet - San Jacinto


Single, sole, solitary, lone.  These are synonyms for the word one.  The word one is used in many ways.  One is the loneliest number” is a song written by Harry Nilsson and was in the top five songs in 1969.  “One for the road” refers to the last drink before leaving a bar.  Other phrases containing the word one are; One sandwich short of a picnic; One in the hand is worth two in the bush; One in a million; One and only.