Democrats of Hemet-San Jacinto

Enjoy the Coffee

So many of my posts lately have been about what is wrong, about the pandemic, about George Floyd.  I interrupt this trend and post something more positive this week.  Robert Kennedy during his 1968 Presidential campaign said "Some men see things as they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not."

I see an America where no one goes hungry, where no one is homeless, where every working American is paid a living wage, where the air and water are clean, where our environment is protected and our National Parks are preserved for future generations.  I see an America where there is no discrimination on color, orientation, ethnicity, gender, etc., where all children are provided a quality education, where quality healthcare is available and accessible to all.  Starting to achieve this vision could be only one election away.  Get out and vote for your and America’s future.

The following can be found on the internet if you search for God’s Coffee:

“A group of alumni, highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old university professor. Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life.  Offering his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cups - porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal, some plain looking, some expensive, some exquisite - telling them to help themselves to the coffee.   When all the students had a cup of coffee in hand, the professor said: 

"If you noticed, all the nice looking expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones. While it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress.  Be assured that the cup itself adds no quality to the coffee. In most cases it is just more expensive and in some cases even hides what we drink. 
What all of you really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you consciously went for the best cups... And then you began eyeing each other's cups. 
Now consider this: Life is the coffee.

The jobs, money and position in society are the cups. They are just tools to hold and contain Life, and the type of cup we have does not define, nor change the quality of Life we live. 
Sometimes, by concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee God has provided us."  
God brews the coffee, not the cups.......... Enjoy your coffee!  "The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything." 
Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.”

Author unknown

In order to “enjoy the coffee” one must be healthy, of sound mind and body, fed and clothed, sheltered.  We don’t owe anyone palaces or caviar, Cadillacs or crowns or regalia but we can and should see that everyone has the minimum sustenance so that they have the opportunity to “enjoy the coffee”

Dick Gale
President of Democrats of Hemet-San Jacianto