Compromise within the federal government is almost non-existent today.  By adding a D to the word compromise, compromised is something that is very much alive today.  The definition of compromised is to expose or make vulnerable to danger, suspicion, scandal, etc.  In no particular order the U.S. Military has been compromised, the Justice Department and the FBI has been compromised, the Department of Education has been compromised, the State Department has been compromised, the Treasury Department has been compromised, the Interior Department has been compromised, the Department of Homeland Security has been compromised.  The Food and Drug Administration has been compromised.  Rumor is that the FDA will prematurely approve a Covid-19i vaccine before phase 3 trials end leading to a substantial loss of credibility in the FDA.  This would reduce the credibility of the FDA and lead to fewer people getting vaccinated and thus a prolonging of the Trump pandemic.

The military was compromised when it allowed itself to be used domestically, using force against peaceful protest for Trump’s photo opt with a book he has never read.  The Justice Department was compromised when Attorney General Barr gave a false overview of the Mueller investigation and continues to use the department to promote the politics of Trump including trying to void the conviction of Michael Flynn who admitted his guilt.  The Department of Education has been compromised by Betsy Devos pushing only an agenda to privatize public education in which she has an economic stake.  The State Department has always, for over 200 years, stayed clear of domestic politics but just last week Secretary Pompeo gave a political speech supporting Trump and to make matters worse gave the speech while overseas, using Jerusalem as a background.  The Department of Homeland Security has been compromised by detaining children at the border and placing them in cages and recently sending their agents to Portland interfering with local law enforcement. The list goes on.  Now even the CDC, Center for Disease Control has been compromised.  We have been relying upon the CDC to provide factual science-based findings on the Trump pandemic we are facing.  Unfortunately, today’s news is telling us that the Trump administration has forced the CDC to announce that testing of asymptomatic victims of the Trump pandemic is no longer recommended, a huge change from past statements.  If fact if we are ever to get control of the spread of this Trump pandemic, we need much more testing.  The virus is not spreading much from people who show symptoms as they are quickly being quarantined.  It is the carriers who show no symptoms that are spreading the virus.  Testing along with social distancing and masks are the only way we can slow the spread.  Trump’s failure to adequately address this pandemic has resulted in the United States being the worst among all industrialized countries in facing this issue.  Now we cannot even trust the CDC.  Your health is being compromised.  If you wish to ever stop having to wear a mask, if you ever what students to return to schools in person, if you wish to ever attended movies again without fear of falling prey to the virus, you need to vote for a change in our federal government, both in the White House and in the Senate.  Your very life is being compromised.




Compromise is defined as an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.  Compromise worked in the Federal Government for over 200 years.  Nobody got all they wanted but everybody got something and progress was made.  The Tea Party movement began with the election of President Obama.  A group of conservative Republicans decided that if they couldn’t get all they wanted they would settle for nothing hoping the resulting chaos would work to their advantage.  Unfortunately, it worked to everyone’s disadvantage.  Progress at the federal level has almost ground to a halt.  There are almost 400 bills passed by the House of Representatives that are sitting on the desk of Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.  He will not even bring them to the Senate floor for discussion much less a vote.  So much for the U.S. Senate being the worlds greatest debating body