From the Democrats of Hemet-San Jacinto



by Mitzi Carver


     Walls, by definition, are structures built up to enclose, divide, or protect; or in other words, walls are often structures based on fear.  Donald Trump has created many kinds of walls because he lives a fearful life.

     One wall Trump values is a wall along the US-Mexican border.  Even though asking for asylum is not a crime, Trump is afraid of people from the south and locks them up anyway--even the children.  Only a fearful person would do that.  Plus, Trump's border wall doesn't just keep people out, that same wall also keeps Americans in.  How do we remain the "land of the free and home of the brave" while hiding behind the border wall?

     A second wall Trump hides behind is his refusal to share his tax information.  Audits do not take 4-5 years, so what is Trump afraid we will learn about his finances?  As our public servant (a term George Washington said elected officials are in our American democracy), we the people do have a right to know his financial information.  But Trump keeps up a "wall of secrecy" about his tax information.  Where does Trump's money come from, and how does he invest it--any illegal dealings to hide?

     Another wall Trump creates to protect just himself is a "wall of deception".  For example, in 2017, Trump assured Carrier workers in Indianapolis that their jobs would be protected from outsourcing.  Yet in 2018, Carrier closed the Indianapolis plant and moved the manufacturing work to Monterey, Mexico; making Trump's claim he can keep manufacturing in America misleading and inaccurate.  As president in a market economy, Trump does not control the decisions of private companies, no matter how loudly he says he can or will.

     The fourth wall Trump has built around himself is a "wall of obstruction" by demanding his Administrative staff to ignore Congressional subpoenas.  Again, what could these staff people share that frightens Trump so much?  His "walls of obstruction", then, seem to be signs of guilt about wrongful behavior.

     A more recent wall Trump has built is a "wall of accusations" as he claims to know more about the corona virus than the experienced government scientists at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and accused them of exaggerating the situation.  Dr. Nancy Messonnier first shared her concerns about the virus spreading in the United States in February.  Trump then criticized her publically, and Dr. Messonnier responded by limiting her warnings.  Yet Dr. Messonnier’s earlier statements are correct as the virus is spreading--and spreading now without the preparedness of testing kits and vaccines that could have been provided had her warnings been taken seriously by the Trump administration.  This is another example of Trump's walls hurting the American people.

     A final wall that Trump has created is a "wall of silence" by maneuvering the United States Senate to not allow witnesses to testify at his impeachment "trial".  That is the act of a scared man, and not the act of the leader of the FREE WORLD.

     It is clear that Trump has built a world of walls because he has much to hide.  Trump lacks both the courage and the ability to be the transparent leader America needs and deserves.  We must replace this impeached president with our votes in November and remove all his walls that block truth and justice!